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1: Opening Times (C.S.T.)

      Monday – Friday (Excluding National Holidays)
      Mornings:                8:00 – 12:00
      Afternoons:             13:30 – 17:30
      Saturday/Sunday:    closed

     (Contact number in the case of emergencies: 13723442058)


2: Terms of Service:

A: Product Expiry Dates ( providing that storage temperature is  5°C—55°C, relative humidity ≤ 85%)

     i. Reusable products are best used within 24 months of purchase.
     ii. Disposable (single use) products are best used within 12 months of purchase.
     iii. Plastic, spare, wire accessories and so on  are best used within 36 months of purchase.

B: Product Warranty

     i. Spo2 sensors, Spo2 sensor cables, IBP cables and EGC/EKG cables are covered under 12 months warranty.
     ii. NIBP connectors and BP cuffs are covered under 6 months warranty.
     iii. Temperature probes and disposable (single-use) products are not protected under warranty (However, if a fault is found with the product upon opening, we can exchange it with a new product).

C: Product Warranty Information

     1): Damage as a result of improper use, accidents or negligence is not covered by warranty.
     2): Any adjustment or fixtures made to the product, from the customer or otherwise, which changes the original structure or original use of the product (including the replacement of parts) will void the warranty.


Service Range:

     1). Products that are not originally sold by our company (original products) are not covered under our service range.
     2). Branded products or OEM products are covered under their respective company warranty. Please refer to their company policy for warranty terms.
     3). For products not covered under our service range or warranty agreement that require the replacement of parts, our company will ask for a maintenance fee that covers repair and spare part costs.


Terms and Conditions:

     1). Buyers are to bear all bank charges, such as processing or service fees, that may be charged by banks inside and outside of Mainland China.

     2). Buyers are responsible for any other additional costs that may be charged, including; Certificate of Origin fees, Inspection fees, Legalization document fees and so on. Any additional fees that are not stated under our quoted price are to be borne by the buyer.

     3). All letter of credit (L/C) costs that may be charged, including Unicared bank charges which cover the costs of issuing and preparing the necessary documents, are to be borne by the buyer.

     4). Orders can be shipped in separate batches if requested.

     5). If clients require an express delivery service, then any additional fees that are not covered under the regular delivery charge are to be borne by the buyer. 

     6). The delivery time of orders will be calculated from the moment the full T/T payment is received, please note that the day of shipment will not be counted.




          上午: 8:00~12:00

          下午: 13:30~17:30


二: 产品有效期(产品储存温度5℃~55℃,相对湿度≤85%

        1) 重复性使用产品有期限为24个月;

        2) 一次性使用产品有效期为12个月;

        3) 塑胶件零部件、电线等配件有效期为36个月;

三: 产品保修期

        1) 血氧探头、血氧线、有创压电缆、心电线保修期为12个月;

        2) 血压连接管、血压袖套保修期为6个月;

        3) 体温探头和一次性使用产品不保修(但如打开包装时第一时间发现不良可以以旧换新;

四: 产品保修办法

        1) 由于操作不当或人为损坏的产品不在保修服务范围之内;

        2) 由于客户或其它方将产品结构、定义、原理等自行变更或更换过零部件的产品不在保修服务范围之内;

        3) 非本公司销售的产品不在保修服务范围之内;

        4) 原装产品或OEM产品由原厂家保修,保修条件依照原厂厂家政策;

        5) 不在保修范围之内的产品保修,本公司将收取维修费,如需更换零部件,客户则需自行承担相关费用;

五: 运费

       1) 单批订货金额或单次发货金额不超过500元时,运费由订货方承担;单批订货金额或单次发货货款金额超过500元时,运费则由本公司承担;

       2) 保修产品在产品发出3个月内,运费由本公司承担,产品发出3个月后运费由客户承担;


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